Rockets vs. Mavericks score: Live updates as Houston and Dallas make their season debuts inside NBA bubble –

Do you like offense? Then my friend, have I got a game for you. Through three quarters, the Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets have combined for 227 points. It’s 119-108 with 12 minutes remaining, and the individual numbers are just as preposterous. Trey Burke, signed off the scrap heap last month, is now 7-for-7 on 3-pointers. The Mavericks have four 23-point scorers in three quarters. James Harden scored 23 points on perfect shooting in the first quarter. He’s at 32 points now. There have been 30 total 3-pointers so far. It has been one of the wildest games of the season, a title befitting such an important game. 

The Rockets, through their innovative small-ball lineups, and the Mavericks, with their historically dominant offense, represent major upset threats to the best teams in the Western Conference. However, there is no more precarious place to start on the bracket than No. 7, setting up a likely first-round series against the Clippers and their endless supply of wing defenders. A Houston win all but assures they’ll avoid that fate. A Dallas win mucks up the entire middle of the Western Conference. 

The game is currently live on ESPN. Follow along here for live news, updates and analysis of one of the most important games in the bubble so far. 

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