Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Recall Their Instant Chemistry in First Joint Interview – E! NEWS

Megan’s new romance comes after she split from Brian Austin Green. The actor would confirm the breakup in an episode of his podcast.

“She’s always been honest with me. I’ve always been honest with her. We’ve had an amazing relationship,” he explained. “I will always love her, and I know she’ll always love me. I know that, like, as far as a family, like, what we’ve built, it’s really cool and it’s really special.”

Today, Brian continues spending time with model Tina Louise as Megan waits for her latest project to hit the big screen.

“I think the energy is so intense that it had to be paced,” Megan teased about her scenes with Machine Gun Kelly in the movie that has yet to announce a release date. “It would have exploded. We had to take the time.”

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